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Advisory Board

Ann Hopkins Avery
Candi Smith
Krista Fuller
Maureen Durack
Maura R Grossman
Ariana Tadler
Andrea Wallack
Charlotte Riser Harris
Rachelle Rennagel
Jamie Lawless
Deborah Ratterman Warnecke
Julie Taylor
Allison Brecher
Meghan Brosnahan
Leigh Isaacs

The Women Behind "Women to Know"


The Women to Know Advisory Board comprises a group of talented industry thought leaders and legal technology executives. They are the women to know -- the mentors, sponsors and advocates who give the program its name. They’ve set and achieved career goals, learned life lessons, and excelled within their field of expertise - and now they’re ready to pay it forward and advance the careers of others.


Today, the Advisory Board features women in various executive leadership roles from Fortune 500 organizations and AMLAW200 firms. Each has her own unique story, with the ups, downs, triumphs, failures and advice for others. Learn our story by reading our profiles!


Program Advisors, Personal Advisors


Members of the Women to Know Advisory Board play advisory roles at the program level and the personal level.


First, they help develop the topics, worksheets and content for the Women to Know workshops. Via regular working group calls, they choose the core issues we must address to advance women’s careers and collectively shape the content featured at Women to Know workshops and virtual events. They also evangelize the Women to Know program throughout their networks to expand our community.


Second, the Advisory Board takes on roles as personal advisors for other Women to Know members. When you manage your career like a business, you need to recruit an advisory board to help make hard choices like any other business, be that to hone financial strategy, refine political smarts or build a modern social media presence to advance your personal brand. The Women to Know Advisory Board offers members this guidance and pairs with workshop participants to ensure accountability and encourage success.




If you’re interested in becoming a Women to Know Advisory Board member, contact Kayla Weinman at


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