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2018 Women to Know Worksheets

Our 2018 worksheets will be created by our W2K Working Group members. Over the next 6 months, leading up to SOLID East in NYC, we will be creating a series of 5 worksheets (one worksheet for each of the workshop topics). Check back in regularly to see what worksheets the group has come up with so far! 

Worksheet One - How to Survive and Thrive in the Innovation Economy

Worksheet Two - Super 7 Personas - Level Up

Worksheet Three - What's your story? What's your pitch?

Coming soon!

Worksheet Four - How to Give Back to Get Ahead

Coming soon!

Worksheet Five - How to Effectively Negotiate 

Coming soon!

Past worksheets: 

We invite you to share and revisit the worksheets from our events.  Download a copy below:



Current & Future States Worksheet

Career Business Plan Worksheet

Building Blocks of Your Story Worksheet




From Now to Next Self Assessment 

Mentor & Sponsors Worksheet

Mentor & Sponsors + Pitch Worksheet

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