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Working Towards A Solid B Average

I am so inspired right now, I couldn’t wait to share! Julie Taylor, Shareholder at Keesal, Young & Logan, and one of the amazing members of our Women to Know Advisory Board wrote an answer in her Board profile that has given me an “ah-ha” moment - one where you walk away with a complete change of perspective.

In response to the question “What mistakes do you see women making in their careers,” Julie replied: “Thinking they have to be getting straight A’s in every aspect of their lives – it leads to disappointment and burnout. I’m going for a solid B average. Some days I’m an A+ attorney, but a C- mom. Other days I knock the mom thing out of the park, but accomplish nothing particularly impressive at work. Some days I skip school altogether. A solid B feels pretty good to me.” - Read the entire interview here.

Wait - what!? You mean I don’t have to be perfect all of the time? You say hitting it out of the park in all aspects of my life, every day, is an impossible standard? For someone raised in the law school/law firm culture, (and for someone who is a mom, wife, daughter, sister, manager, employee) - this is a pretty amazing concept. I don’t think I am alone in forgetting to internalize this message. In our Women to Know workshops, I am hearing over and over that guilt, “should haves,” and disappointment in our own perceived failures prevent us from dreaming big, being bold, and taking active steps to achieve our goals.

This is exactly what I am hoping that Women to Know will do for all female leaders and burgeoning leaders in the legal community - instruct and inspire each other into action to take charge of our professional development at every stage of our careers.

To meet Julie Taylor and the other inspiring women on our Advisory Board, please read their stories on our website ( or join us in person at our breakfast workshop in Las Vegas at ILTA, Sept. 1 at 7:15 am Pacific. If you won’t be at ILTA you can join one of our virtual working groups, or attend one of our upcoming fall workshops.

To join our growing Advisory Board and share your own story, or to become a founding member of Women to Know, please contact or

We look forward to sharing and learning with you!

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