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Will You Be Marketable in 2020?

Whatever got you to now will not be enough to get you to next…Hard work and being in the right place will not be enough.

Being super smart will not be enough.

Your previous successes will not be enough.

One mentor will not be enough.

When massive change and disruption occur, a vibrant network is required to help navigate the changes and to provide guidance as you interpret, digest, and transcend the new normal.

We are at the beginning of a once in a-decade shift that is occurring in the business world right now. This movement is driven by smart data, analytics, robotics, machine learning, and super intelligence. Corporate Counsel, Outside Counsel, Legal Technologists, and Managers will all be dramatically impacted. What does this shift mean for you? You will need new skills to be competitive and to advance in you career, and you will need a network to stay informed, current, and relevant.

One way to stay abreast of current changes in the marketplace is to connect with professionals in your space (i.e., the legal community), but many legal professionals and technologists network with people who are “the same” rather than identify and connect with individuals who work within the legal forum, but who DO something different than what you DO.

Finding the right people to support you is key to your career development. Do you have an evolving and expanding network of advisors and sponsors? Can you name five to seven individuals who would support your professional development and/or who could help you elevate your career? Do you have a clear and declared 10 year professional career goal?

Are you ready for What’s Next in your career?

These questions are daunting and may seem overwhelming when tackled as a whole, but in order to take control of our careers, we must walk before we run, and in order to walk, we have to put one foot in front of the other. It is impossible to completely map out your career in one morning, but by learning how to carve out time on a weekly/monthly basis, you can take a step toward fulfilling your career intentions by scheduling time to. . .

The Women to Know Fall Breakfast Series will focus on the importance of identifying and recruiting your personal board of advisors to help you elevate and accelerate your career. Whether your goals include updating your 10-year career plan, publishing an article (or book), joining a corporate board, learning a new way to do your job efficiently, or planning your impact after retirement, we each need a career business plan and a network of advisors, sponsors, and mentors to support us.

We we will share how to identify and enroll the 10 people you need to help you achieve your immediate and long term goals.

During this workshop you will learn to:

1. Make time for yourself and your career goals

2. Understand the difference between an advisor, sponsor, and mentor

3. Identify, recruit, and engage a professional network of advisors and sponsors

4. Create your 90-day networking action plan

Join us by registering here for a workshop near you.

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